Monday, May 17, 2010

Lemon Cheesecake

Scale of difficulty ★★★ (ok, not really difficult but with the multiple layers it is quite time consuming)
Yummy-ness ★★★★

I was quite busy on Sunday so my lovely sister has decided to bake the lemon cheesecake for me, so this week's guest baker is my baby sister, Miss HP!

The sponge cake was relatively easy to make, have to fluff up the eggs and add the tiny bit of flour into the batter, of course the end result is a great sponge cake.

Majorly fluffed up egg white and yolks

Then it was the cheesecake layer, not too difficult either, creamcheese, sourcream and egg yolk. Just thinking, is it even possible to make a bad cheesecake? I don't think I've ever had a problem with that at all....


 Unlike some cheesecake recipes, this one only wants the cheesecake batter to be 'jiggly' when it comes out of the oven.

Then lemon curd!!! Little Miss HP loves lemon curd, maybe that's why she has decided that she wants to bake this one? I was informed that the curd was not too hard to make but it was lacking a bit in colour, so my sister decided to put in some yellow colouring. I have no idea why it wasn't too yellow because last time we made lemon curd it was bright yellow!

Anyways, without further adieu, here is the end result. Sorry we didn't take piccies of a cut out slice :( let me assure you, it was beautiful to look at :)

How did it taste?

Usually for a baked cheesecake, you would expect it to be a dense and sturdy cake. This cake however, was wonderfully creamy, it was so unexpected so it was a really pleasant surprise when we cut open the cheesecake and find a perfectly creamy cream cheese layer. It is great that this cheesecake have a spongecake bottom layer rather than a normal graham cracker layer, because I think a biscuit layer will interrupt the oh so soft and creamy texture of this cake.

If I were to be picky I will have to say that this was a bit too sour for my taste, but my mum, my dad, my sister and my colleagues at work all loved it! Mark at work even told me to make sure I tell my sister she makes a great cheesecake!

:) This is a great cake, especially if your sister makes it for you!! Thanks HP!